A Stimulus Package for NYC

New York:


There's an $8 billion

gorilla in the room.


It's time to talk about

what remains of

democracy in the

Big Apple


We hope these free stickers will stimulate a public
examination of the impact that unlimited private money
has had on the political fabric of our city.

On Legal Use

You don't have to break the law to use these stickers
to start a conversation about why a certain person has
shredded term limits and is flooding our fair metropolis
with his campaign debris.

You can put a sticker on your forehead, or hat.
You can put it on your chest.  Two if you like symmetry.
You can place it on any piece of your private property.
You can carry a sign with this image around with you.
You can ask proprietors of stores and newstands
   to display these stickers.
You can offer stickers to people you meet and suggest
   they display them on the bags they carry.
Etc., etc., etc.

On Illegal Use - Please Refrain

Public space isn't really public.  All these
surfaces are owned either by individual landlords, corporate
landlords, or the government.  There are no "free" surfaces in the
"public" space.  When you post these stickers there, you are at
risk of arrest and being issued a fine!  See:

So, instead of stickering illegally, use your creativity to circulate
the image.  The message will have a better effect if the first
thought the viewers have is not "That sticker is going to be
hard for someone to clean off."  Sanitation workers have enough
work to do already.


     *          *          *          *

However you choose to bring this issue before the electorate of
New York City, thank you for your sense of civic duty and pride.

Finally, as to journalism and the corporate media, we hope that
among the actors, models, copywriters and businesspeople who
now dominate mass communication, that a few journalists still
live, gasping for breath.  Citizens need to ask these Masters Of
Distraction to take a minute and provide some meaningful
analysis about the current situation.

     *          *          *          *


If you need more stickers, they may be obtained at the following
locations (list in formation):

     Bluestockings, 172 Allen St. (Lower East Side, Manhattan)

     Brecht Forum, 451 West St. (Chelsea, Manhattan)

     Lit Fuse Cyclery, 409 Willoughby Ave. (Bed Stuy, Brooklyn)

         and other progressive sites around New York City

If you would like to comment, you can email us at:
Any comments received may be selected for sharing on this site,
so please use language you consider appropriate.

[Website mounted Sept. 28, 2009 - the eve of Bloomberg's 3rd Mayoral Election]